Woman pinching fat skin Beautifill at Raw Rejuvenation And Wellness


As we age our skin loses its natural structure. Volume increases in areas that aren’t desired and we lose volume in areas such as our face, hands and other places.

Beautifill allows us to carefully remove unwanted fat cells such as the belly, thighs or under arms; then use the gently preserved living fat cells to desired areas.

Beautifill is a simple office procedure that allows removal of fat cell volume in one area to another where volume is desired. Beautifill offers a natural alternative to synthetic materials. Beautifill provides advanced laser technology that combines liposuction, skin tightening, and fat grafting all in a single office procedure.

This revolutionary technology combines three procedures which contour the body and increase volume in others; this provides a more youthful balanced appearance.

Which contour the body whincrease volume in others;